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Days of Dreams by Aiden E. Messer

This is my second book by Aiden and I can say I'm hooked!! I'm not a massive fan of Splatterpunk, Splatterpunk is a movement within horror fiction originating in the 1980s, distinguished by its graphic, often gory, depiction of violence, countercultural alignment and "hyper intensive horror with no limits." The term was coined in 1986 by David J. so you can expect trigger warnings ( gore, mutilations, cannibalism and the use of body parts for... you get the geist!!. Aiden's writing is so engaging, especially with the character development which is so real. "Days of Dream" has a 'dystopian totalitarian world hunger games' vibe to it but on an extreme level. There were scenes in which my heart was racing at 200km/h, it was that intense, I just wanted the character to die and not suffer for so long, the torture was so unbearable!!. 'He watched in horror as his partner pushed the spoon under the young man's eye, making it pop out of its socket with a nauseating plop. She repeated the operation on the other eye and then dangled the two eyeballs under her ears, holding them by the optic nerve. "They would make nice earrings, don't you think"'

Many thanks to Aiden for an eARC for review.


About the Author

Aiden E. Messer does not exist. Are they an illusion, a ghost, a mere thought? No one knows. If we are to believe one of the children they seem to work with, if they were a teacher, they would be as tall as a human. They are not a teacher. According to various sources, they have studied psychology, and have always had a penchant for horror and the macabre. They like to combine these subjects in their books.

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