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Dark in Different Ways by J.D. Patterson

Thom made the decision to move to Australia for the purpose of studying journalism. It was a means of escaping his past and creating a separation from the ideologies that initially caused him trouble in the UK. Currently residing in Sydney with his lover Craig, he is finally comfortable with his life.

He encounters a narrative about the demise of an Aboriginal adolescent who was part of a riot (which, in truth, occurred in 2004). Thom's decision to investigate further puts him in a challenging situation in a country he's only beginning to comprehend. Throughout his investigations, he comes across a police officer named Rob Morton who continuously obstructs his progress and seems to be shadowing him. Thom's determination is unwavering, regardless of the outcome.

The author has done such a good job creating the characters, especially Thom, who believes he knows everything, but he’s so wrong.

Overall, an exciting read and looking forward to his future thrillers. Many thanks to @_JD_Patterson @SpellBoundBks & @Tr4cyF3nt0n for a spot on the tour.


About the Author

J.D Patterson wrote Dark in Different Ways while undertaking a mentorship programme at the Faber Academy. He’s always wanted to write fiction. In the early 2000s, he spent a couple of years in Australia and New Zealand. He now lives in London where he works for a university.

He has also written non-fiction pieces which have been published on the Open Democracy website, in the Times Higher Education Supplement, and in the Australian Quarterly.

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