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Cooking the Books: A Killer Collection of Recipes to Die For by The Hobeck Team

Thanks very much to Team Hobeck for an eARC copy for review.

This time around its a very different read from what I'm typically accustomed to, if you follow my reviews you'll know I'm attracted to Horror/Blood & Gore/Crime/Historical Fiction/Time Travel reads, but this time it's about food, yes you heard right, food!!. Not your Jaime Oliver type of recipe book, these are stories written by the Hobecks authors & the publishers themselves.

A delicious fun/quick read to delight your palate. The recipe I have to try is: Chrismas Nut Roast by Lewis Hastings and the detailed preparation is superb!!. Also, the Matese Rabbit Pasta story by AJ Aberford is so good it reminds me of my home with its relaxed Mediterranean attitude to...everything!.

In reality, all the stories are great with all the different recipes, with a touch of crime and murder.

An anthology which deserves a re-read because it's so different there's something for everyone. I highly recommend you to buy it not because it's a cracking read, you're also helping The Trussell Trust and supporting food banks all over the UK.


About Hobeck Team

Hobeck Books is the brainchild of author and broadcaster Adrian Hobart and publisher Rebecca Collins, and is based in a big old barn in the Staffordshire countryside.

Rebecca brings her expertise and know-how from over two decades working in the publishing industry, with clients such as Bloomsbury, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Summersdale Publishers, and is a published non-fiction author and poet.

Adrian has been a broadcaster and journalist with the BBC for twenty-five years and is an audiobook narrator, filmmaker and writer.

We aim to build a family ethos around our authors, combining the best of traditional publishing standards and indie marketing techniques to build an audience and engage with readers.

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