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Churn the Soil by Steve Stred

Oh my, what a ride!! Loved "Churn the Soil" in so many ways.

There is a place called The Border where people live a simple off-the-grid life, beyond it there is a clearing bordering a forest, it's not a normal forest because something terrifying lives there.

A murder has been committed in the camp and Basco (a town 200 miles north of The Border) Police officers Brown and Reynolds are sent to investigate. Never in their wildest dreams were they prepared to face what is beyond the clearing.

Steve has created a scary/gorry/folklore terrifying world where the supernatural lives alongside humanity, for me he ticks all the boxes, he has blended police procedural with the supernatural expertly.

The suspense and the atmosphere are so chilling it's a real page-turner, also the characters are so believable it's like your right there carrying a revolver covered in blood and viscera!!

It doesn't finish on a cliffhanger, it's open for further story expansion and I'm so glad he has done that because I would love to revisit that wonderful/terrifying world.

So grateful for the opportunity to review this masterpiece and if you are into this genre I highly recommend it, you won't be disappointed.


About the Author

A 2X Splatterpunk-Nominated Author, Steve Stred lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with his wife, son and their staffy, Cocoa.

His work has been described as haunting, bleak and is frequently set in the woods near where he grew up. He’s been fortunate to appear in numerous anthologies with some truly amazing authors.

A proud co-founder of the LOHF Writer's Grant, he is also an Active Member of the HWA.



Twitter: @stevestred

Instagram: @stevestred

Tik Tok: @stevestredauthor


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