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Bird Spotting in a Small Town by Sophie Morton-Thomas

A tense and atmospheric read, Bird Spotting in a Small Town tells the story from two different viewpoints. Fran, an avid bird enthusiast, manages a caravan park and is facing challenges in her relationships with her sister, niece, husband, and son. Tad, an old Romany man, and part of a group that has set up in the field next to Fran’s business. Tensions are ramped up further with the peculiar disappearance of her brother-in-law on the same night that the new teacher at the local school also disappears.

The story had a dark undertone, enhanced by the atmospheric coastline. The outcome of this family journey is uncertain and unsettling, as we witness diverse lifestyles among a small group of characters in the caravan park and Romany community, adding to the intrigue. The culmination of strained relationships, crime, infidelity, and childhood secrets brings about an unexpected yet fulfilling resolution. An intriguing read.

Many thanks to @sophiemoto1 @VERVE_Books & @OldcastleBooks for a spot on the tour.


About the Author

Sophie is a writer of psychological thrillers, and her first book is written with a feminist focus. She's currently studying creative writing at Cambridge University, UK. Sophie likes to write dark stories but "the good will often prevail." Sophie lives in West Sussex in the UK with her husband; she has three kids and some cats.

When she's not writing, she's also an English GCSE teacher. She loves to write short stories and flash fictions and has been shortlisted in competitions for these, as well as for the beginning of her debut novel, Travel by Night.

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