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Adventures in Space by Various Authors

Many thanks to @annecarter for a review copy.

This short story collection of Chinese and English authors and a first for me. I found it a mixed bag, a bit disjointed as I'm not accustomed to translated stories, maybe as it often happens, the author's feelings and ideas were lost in translation and it was a bit flat for me.

Of all the stories there was one which I really enjoyed “The Race for Arcadia” about a race between the Russians, Americans and Indians to send a manned mission to a planet first explored by a Chinese drone. The lightest ship will have the advantage, Nikolai, a mathematician diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour piloting the “Yuri Gargarin” plans to be first but all is not as it appears. It may be far-fetched but I believe it would be the best way to visit far-flung worlds which would take hundreds if not thousands of years.

Overall not a bad collection but sadly not for me as I'm a huge Sci-Fi fan. I gave it a 3.5 rounded to 4 stars.

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