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A Biased Judgement: The Sherlock Holmes Diaries 1897 by Geri Schear

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Sherlock Holmes thrives on danger. Sudden knife attacks, being stalked and facing a network of assassins present little more than a cheery break in the monotony. But the enigmatic Lady Beatrice presents danger of a different kind. Is she a murderer or a potential victim? Or something even more perilous? Uncovering her secrets could change Holmes’s life forever, and in ways, even he cannot anticipate. The newly-discovered Holmes diaries shed light on a tale so potent, Watson was never permitted to reveal it.

My thanks to Steve at @mxpublishing for a review copy.

Europe is in turmoil, it's heading for total chaos, and heads of state, Monarchs and influential people are been assassinated. Who is capable of orchestrating these terrible deeds, there is (or was) someone more than capable of it, Moriarty, but he's dead Sherlock took care of that. Has someone taken over Moriarty's organisation which has its claws around the world?

That's how the story begins and it's a fantastic start.

There is another plot in which we find murdered a servant girl from a prestigious family but is she as innocent as her colleagues say?

It's a fascinating story, I'm certainly no Sherlock expert but I believe Geri has captured Sherlock's essence. What I love about that era is the language, for example:

Blackguard: "A man who behaves in a dishonourable or contemptible way"

Brown Study: "A mood in which you are very involved in your own thoughts and not paying attention to anything else". Sherlock has many of those lol.

Love it!!

There are a few modern words or references but I'm fine with it, it's the story that counts.

My favourite character is the lovely Lady Beatrice, a woman ahead of her time thanks to her father who believed women should have education on par with their male counterparts. Very forward thinking for the 1800s.

Geri is a great storyteller and I shall check out her other works.

Highly recommended.


For everything Sherlock check the publisher they have hundreds of books/ebooks/audiobooks about the legendary Sherlock, and if you subscribe to their newsletter you get, two or three audiobooks for FREE.


I was born in Dublin, Ireland and currently live in the ancient town of Kells. I like old things. It makes me feel young. I also love mystery stories, theatre, and most types of music, especially George Harrison and Leonard Cohen. And Chopin. And Gershwin.

I'd love to be more like my heroine, Beatrice. She's not only clever but calm, independent and resourceful. I'm only two of those things. No, not telling which.

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